Wednesday, December 10

Know your blackheads, KILL your blackheads!!

nose strip, bentonite clay, deep cleanse pore mask and innisfree blackhead out balm
You've Googled and clicked and masked and exfoliated to get rid of your blackheads. Masks and nose strips are supposed to 'draw out the impurities, lift out the blackhead,' but none of them work and you're wondering what's wrong with you. 'Why does it work for everybody else but not me?'

Simple! - We all think we know what a blackhead is but in reality we're only halfway right!

I recently wrote this post about a DIY clay mask to deep clean your pores. It's a great mask and will improve the appearance of your blackheads (or comedones) - but, just like a nose strip, it cannot remove them completely. When it comes to blackheads, nose-strips and facemasks will only remove the gunk at the very top of the blackhead, the clog that's closest to the surface. That's good because blackheads won't protrude or seem as big.

But the real problem, the 'root' of the blackhead (comedone) is much deeper in your pore; where the oil gland meets the pore (learn more about pores here) and mixes with dead skin cells that have not been properly 'shed' a hard 'plug' forms. It is not a simple case of a bit of oil, old make-up and dead skin cells just under the surface, there is actually a 'plug' in the pore. It is hard and deep and cannot be simply 'drawn out' by a mask or pulled out by a nose-strip.

I'm not too sure if I've experienced this but it's said that when you get a blackhead plug out of your pore the oil that's built up behind it will suddenly be free-flowing (a good thing); sounds disgusting but strangely satisfying right?

The only way I know of for sure is physical removal (dun dun dunnnnn!)  - but removal of blackheads is another post for another day! (a day that will come soon!). In the meantime 'buyer beware'! Just because it says the product removes blackheads, doesn't mean it can and the phrase 'improve the appearance of blackheads' does not mean 'removes blackheads'.

Blackheads are an absolute pain in the backside and will not just go away on their own so be strict with yourself!! Follow the anti-acne rules and routine to keep your face clear, stick on a bentonite clay mask every week and most of all remember - blackheads are very small, although you may see them each time you look in the mirror, they will not be that noticeable to other people so please don't them take over your life or make you feel self-conscious.

I'm pretty sure everybody - and I do mean everybody - has a few blackheads tucked away down the sides of their nose or over their forehead or on their chin, somewhere. We're all on the quest for clear pores together!

See you soon for some removal tips!

Ciao for now

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