Sunday, December 14

Christmas Nails!! - Snowman and Santa Claus

It's Christmas time and for an easy-to-wear Christmas manicure, just wear these cheeky little chappies on your right and left thumbnail. Christmas nail art that doesn't scream but nevertheless smiles and adds a touch of festive cheer to your manicure.

If your nails are very stained you may want to begin with a creamy base coat but to be honest my nails were quite stained today and they look fine. Use a dotting tool or kirby grip for the white trim of Santa's hat if you find the brush tricky. For the finishing details a toothpick does the trick or again use a dotting tool or kirby grip - if you don't have black polish any dark colour will do; I used burgundy. Finish the snowman's hat with a swipe of glitter and of course you'll want to seal it all with a topcoat. 

I love these little guys, they make me smile over Christmas and everyone wants a closer look - especially kids! 

I usually paint the nails on my Santa hand red and on my Snowman hand blue. It's more subtle than a lot of nail art out there but nonetheless is cheerful and attention-grabbing - without screaming!

I hope you're all having a lovely festive period - I'm just watching a bit of Disney's Christmas carol with Jim Carey; my favourite Christmas Carol adaptation.

Merry Christmas for now,

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