Tuesday, November 18

The Perfect Plum lipstick - Revolution 'Rebel with a cause'

When the weather turns dimmer our make-up gets bolder and no make-up trend is more loved for Autumn/Winter than a juicy plum lip. That lovely blackberry, mulled wine shade that get's us in the mood for Christmas and catches our eye every time we pass a mirror. 

But where to start? You see intimidating piccies of Tanya Burr and think 'aah, that would look horrible on me!!'
Great for 'Guy friendly make-up', plum lipstick is a classic look that flatters us all.  

Tanya burr, deep plum lipstick, autumn make-up
Photo found here. From Tanya's Autumn make-up tutorial on Youtube
More sophisticated than pink and more mysterious than red, plum has its own agenda!

Revolution deep plum lipstick, rebel with a cause, superdrug

This lipstick is by Revolution - 'Rebel with a cause' and far from the hefty Nars pricetag it will cost you £1 --- yes £1 !! And I gotta say I love it! It's got a lovely neutral undertone of pink which flatters most skin tones. (even my ghostly-white skin!) 

Revolution deep plum lipstick, rebel with a cause, superdrug, swatch
Blotted for a subtle beginning
Amped up for a bold pout
  It's looks great blotted for a subtle look and when you've worn this for a few days you won't be able to resist amping it up to it's full plum glory! 

Revolution deep plum lipstick, rebel with a cause, superdrug

For £1 can you really go wrong? And bonus, they do not test on animals so no little animals have suffered for my plum lips. 
If you're looking for an easy re-vamp for your make-up this winter, give this a go. I love wearing it with a pale peach eye, a touch of copper in the crease and a swish of black liquid liner.

How do you wear plum lips?

Ciao for now,

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