Sunday, November 23

Promising Yellow: Winter is mini-skirt season with super-cosy fleecy tights!!

I write to you today in a state of excitement at delivering the good news!! "Super-cosy" tights are back at Primark -- in different colours!! HOORAY!! 

 Anybody else this excited??? You should be!

Primark super cosy tights fleece lined burgundy, navy and grey marl
Don't skimp on the size! I am 5"9 and a UK size 10 so I always go for large/extra large - the label means nothing as long as they fit you, don't be put off by XL!!
My go-to wardrobe for Winter is tweed/woollen/heavy fabric mini-skirts with thick, coloured tights - usually navy. I find them so versatile and they suit me much better than trousers. They're also great with boots. Plus, I want to show off my legs while I can.

3 years ago (or maybe 4) I stocked up on the Super-cosy tights from Primark - at just £2.50 a pair I got navy, black, burgundy and grey. But since that first year they've only been available in black. Booooo! However imagine my joy this Autumn when I made the wonderful discovery that navy and burgundy have returned along with a new colour 'grey marl'.

Primark super cosy tights fleece lined grey marl

If you've never tried fleece-lined tights you're missing out! They keep my legs toasty throughout the cold UK winter making Autumn and Winter my mini-skirt season. They are much thicker than normal tights and genuinely opaque. I am still wearing the tights I bought 3 years ago and although they have lost a little of their softness they're still superior to any of the non-fleece lined tights on the market. 

My advice is to go grab yourself some now!! Get 2 of every colour!! Go go go!!!

Dresses, mini-skirts, calf-length boots -- inject some variation into your wardrobe with a simple addition.

Ciao for now


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