Friday, November 7

Fiery coppery nails for Autumn!


I always love the idea of fiery oranges and reds on my nails but never quite found the right colour for my very pale skin. After a girly shopping trip I picked out this glittery, shimmery orange nail polish that I thought I would probably never wear . . . and was seduced!

Glitter nail polish. Orange, copper manicure, Miss sporty 3D nail varnish
The final 'dancing fire' look

This one is part of the 'Miss Sporty Crush on you; 3D texture' range and dries virtually instantly to a strange, rough texture. Before applying topcoat, I tried it with a few different glitters and found this wonderful combination. It's given me fireworks on my nails that glint and sparkle without that loud I'M WEARING GLITTER!!!! effect.

Autumn copper, fiery manicure nail polish. Miss Sporty 3D
2 coats of the Miss Sport 3D texture nail polish alone, with no topcoats by candle light and daylight.
  Even before topcoat this nail polish shimmers, especially in low light like candlelight - I wore this on Guy Fawkes night and felt like I was wearing the bonfire on my nails.

Miss sport 3D nail polih, orange copper glitter, beauty UK
The beautiful Miss Sporty 3D nail polsih on the left and the golden coppery glitter topcoat by beauty UK on the right.
I added this glitter which added a warm rainbow of gold. I always find it hard to find a glittery topcoat that isn't too blue. This one is by Beauty UK and I'm afraid I've no idea how long ago I bought it. I sealed it all with my trusty Barry M topcoat and I'm good to go!

Orange, copper, glittery autumn nails, by candlelight
The finished look with Barry M topcoat in both daylight and candlelight

Fiery, warm, shimmery, sparkly, coppery, glittery; I'm loving this look! It's just so damn shimmery and my nails are catching the light in the most satisfying way. A top coat really does make all the difference.

Miss sporty 3D nail polish, orange glitter, barry m topcoat

Anyway, hope you liked this one. It's always worth having a look in the cheap shops like home bargains, pound stretcher, beautycare etc to find great glittery polishes and then experiment with them over different colours.

I can't stop wiggling my fingers, they're like dancing flames!

Ciao for now

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