Thursday, October 16

The Library of Fragrance

Hello all!

Poking around Boots I came across what could easily be a shelf of Yankee Candle fragrances! With names like Snow, Thunderstorm and Gingerbread these perfumes jump out from the shelf.

Fresh laundry, gin & tonic, gingerbread, grass, jasmine

I already said in perfume of a lady that I've always loved the idea of smelling like a freshly baked cookie so I immediately went for Vanilla ice-cream and Yep! It smells exactly like all those vanilla cupcake/buttercream/vanilla frosting flavoured expensive candles - delicious!! I bought it and have happily been wafting around smelling like cake and biscuits and vanilla ice-cream ever since.

Snow, sunshine, thunderstorm, vanilla ice-crem

In a world of the fanciest, most over top glass perfume bottles ever seen I'm loving the simple, clean style of these. They look classy not gaudy and are a great size for travelling or just popping in your handbag. 

amber, baby powder, cherry blossom, clean skin, daisy

I've since been back, grabbed a bunch of those paper perfume strips and spray spray sprayed for a good 15 minutes. For warm, sweet fragrances Moonbeam, Sunshine and Gingerbread are all tickling my fancy! Snow smelled just like those 'fluffy towels/linen' type candles. Thunderstorm and Gin and Tonic smelled beautifully fresh.

fireplace, four leaf clover, fresh coconut, fresh ginger

Interestingly the fruity fragrances; Cherry blossom and Peach, smelled exactly like their fresh counter parts at first and then slowly 'grew-up' as the middle and bottom notes came through. Peach in particular is a very intriguing perfume.

Mango, marshmallow, moonbeam, musk 7, orange blossom

Personally I'm hoping there'll be a blackcurrant scent released soon and is it too weird to want to smell of chocolate orange?

I hope this literal candle-scent perfume trend takes off! These are my kind of fragrance!

Hope you give them a go! Which fragrances are drawing your eye?

Ciao for now

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