Saturday, October 4

Promising Yellow: Sweater Weather shopping!


Autumn is in full swing here in Britain and it's just the kind of weather where you can throw on a cute jumper, possibly a light-scarf and off you go, no jacket required! So I've made my first jumper shop of the season! Sweater weather is upon us and I've been busy looking around for some cute woollens to keep me warm. I stopped in at Peacocks (always my first stop for very cute sweater-patterns) and this was what I found;

A very cute selection I'm sure you'll agree; stars, hearts and hiding at the back is my favourite little print of all! Read on. . .

Very cute colours, so so soft and a nice fit! Just £16 I also love that the pattern is on the back too, I hate when it's only on the front,

Slightly less fuzzy than the stars but still very cute and a lovely fit; not too baggy not too fitted but a little higher on my waist than I personally prefer, (this may have to do with 'the girls', they ain't small!) also the pattern is only on the front, and I like my pattern to go all the way around so I'm going to give this one a miss for now.

The stars one again, this time in grey -- I love this one! It's so much fuzzier and thicker than it looks without adding bulk to your body. I love the look of a white jumper but I find them so difficult to wear! Bra difficulties of course and if you spill something down them you look like a hobo. But this one in a light-grey is a great compromise (especially for those of us who are already milk-bottle pale) and the big white stars makes me feel that glow you get from wearing white. It's such a lovely fit too; shows my figure but isn't clingy. It's also more versatile than the black one for my wardrobe needs so, out of the 2, this is one going home with me!

And now, on to my favourite, cutest print of the 4. . .

Unfortunately it's ever so slight blurry but how absolutely adorable are these little doggies! I had to have this sweater. It's a completely different material to the others; a looser knit and heavier. And of course cornflower blue is such a flattering colour on a paler skintone. But of course the clincher, the little piece of cuteness that ensured its place in my shopping bag was. . .

. . .the Scotty Dogs! I could not possibly leave them there so I brought them home with me and I've been wearing it as often as possible. Great for getting cosy at home but also so cute to squire around town in teamed with a light red lip and red bow in my hair.

4 very cute options all £16 each. The grey stars and the blue dogs were the 2 I chose. I'll try to get myself organised and snap a couple of the outfits I've been wearing these with.

Autumn is here! YAY!

Which ones would you have chosen? And which do you say; jumper or sweater? I've tried to mix it up a little!

Stay cosy
Ciao for now

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