Monday, October 6

Promising Yellow: Makeover your bedroom like a pro!

Ok, let's get this out there, I am a complete beginner when it comes to all things home-designery. . .BUT I do have a thing for hotels and see no reason why my bedroom shouldn't be just as fancy, especially when I have such cute bedding.

Your bed is the biggest part of your bedroom and this is the easiest way I know to completely makeover your bed from 'meh, just a bed' to 'ooh, it looks so special and fancy, I wish that was my room' type of bed. Let's get into it. . .

Okay, so to start you already have your cute bedding. . .

We're going to use one accent colour to bump it up, so. .
1. Choose your accent colour. Luckily for me and my cute anchor bedding, blue goes with pretty much anything. Look for a colour you already have in your room; the curtains, lampshade or rug perhaps. We have a deep blackcurrant purple rug so I'm choosing that.

2. Grab your accents - 2 cotton pillowcases (these were only £3.99!) and a throw (I grabbed this one from Matalan). 

It can be a furry throw, a woollen throw, a fleecy throw or one of those woven type throws - anything, as long as it stretches across your bed. You could even use a table runner!

3. Plump up your pillows and manipulate them a little so you can see all four. Move your front pillows forwards a little and prop up the back pillows so they peep over the top.

If you've got a spare pillow on hand put it in the middle to hide the join. Grab it in a contrasting colour to make a statement. Also, if you follow the philosophy of Gok Wan  he says that odd numbers always look better whether it's buttons on a dress or pillows on a bed - that's enough to convince me! 

Finally. . .

4. Arrange your throw over the end of the bed. I chose to fold mine in half because of the frame but you could drape it over the edge and let it pool onto the floor for a romantic look.

And that really is it! Staying in so many hotels over the years you can probably tell I got some inspiration. It's so easy to do. For the price of a throw and some inexpensive, colourful pillowcases, you can turn your bedroom into something that Pinterest would be proud of! 

Make your bed more than just somewhere to sleep (etc!), make it a design focal point; your whole room will suddenly feel fresh and different with little effort and on a budget!

Play around with the pillows a bit until you find what you like best.

I'm really proud of my little self for how lovely our bedroom looks. I'm afraid I'm not one of those bloggers with a million home décor ideas, I usually cheat and just light lots of candles!

I hope this gives you an idea or two, tweet me if you try it out Bobbyanne@promisingyellow

Ciao for now

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