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Promising Yellow: Gilmore Girls - unanswered questions

On Oct 1st Gilmore Girls came to Netflix and the internet is suddenly alive with what episodes to watch and why we love Lorelai and hundreds of picture quotes on Pinterest. Unfortunately Netflix has decided to keep our UK library decidedly on the B-side as usual. . . so I grabbed the DVDs I have tucked away and started from Season 1. . .and I gotta say, there are a lot of questions from the earlier seasons that I want answers to!!

And I'm not talking about the biggies; 'what were the last four words Amy Sherman Palladino wanted to end the show with? Who did Rory end up with in the end, Logan? Jess? Someone new?' or even 'did Luke and Lorelai pop out more babies?'

I'm talking about the little questions like, what happened to Rory's membership in the puffs? Where did Drella go?
By the way, I have no answers. So feel free to chip in :-)
(please no boring answers like "that actor moved on or production costs etc")

1. When did Kirk's name change from Mick and why? In Season 1 episode 2 'Mick' is trying to install internet at Lorelai's house, "Hi, I'm Mick" says he. A few episodes later and he's Kirk! So was Kirk masquerading as Mick to get some technology experience? Did the company not have a name badge for him so they just said "here you go, you're Mick!" Or did Kirk Feng Shui his name from Mick to Kirk?

2. What happened to Drella? She was the harp player at the Inn and was very rude to everyone. I'm guessing she was fired but no-one said anything, one episode she was there, harping away at a wedding, the next she was gone and was never mentioned again. Ever.

3. Is Michel gay or what? On the one hand Rory:"I'll tell all the ladies what a stud you are." Michel:"I believe that memo has already been sent." On the other hand, the dancing, the funeral for his dog in season 7, the Celine Dion and Destiny's Child obsessions, no girlfriends or boyfriends ever, the great taste in clothes/fashion, the working out and dieting, the disdain for more traditionally cavemen types like Roon and Luke. . .sooooo, is he gay?

4. How did Babette get her house like that? It's almost completely miniature, even the ceilings, and doorways, how?

5. Where did Harry, the Star's Hollow Mayor go? Just like Drella, one episode there he was berating Taylor at the firelight festival the next he was never heard of again, AND they never had another Mayor! Taylor just became the big boss.

6. Speaking of the firelight festival, we fans loved that episode so much, it was such a big deal in the town how come they never had another one? I would have loved another firelight festival with more founder's day punch!

7. What happened to Lane's father? She talks about her parents - parents with a s - all the time in season 1, but we never see him and later on it's just assumed that there is no father, where did he go???

8. Where did Henry Cho go? Mrs Kim got all excitd about him being a Korean soon-to-be doctor why didn't she invite him over so that Lane and he could be all loves-young-dream together?

9. Why didn't Rory ever go back to the country club? She loved it so much, she did the golfing, Emily wanted to get her her own membership but she didn't go back there again, not even a mention.

10. What happened to Tristan after he was shipped off to military school? Expelled? Graduated as a great soldier/officer? Killed in action? Decorated for bravery? Stationed on a tropical outpost somewhere? Wouldn't it be interesting if HE was the guy Rory ended up with. . .Tristan!

11. THE PUFFS!! An amazing secret sorority, bonds which last a lifetime, connections which can advance your career, Rory became a member of the puffs. Why didn't she ever use any of these contacts? Why didn't Francie use her membership to get more favours out of Rory? Why weren't there any Puffs events? Why didn't Paris, who was desperate to be a member of the puffs, pursue her membership?

12. What was the Town loner protesting in season 3? something about Jello, stop the noodle scooz, drop the student schools. As the banner rolls down the last word looks like _erp, or mayber _ery??? The banner was real, the paint was real, what did it say!!

13. How come nobody ever says to Mrs Kim, "Hey, I saw Lane with Lorelai and Rory today, they were eating pizza together" or how about "Hey, how is Lane's drumming coming along, she's practicing all the time!" or even "Hey, why was Lane running around the town square with hair bleach all over her head earlier, is she ok?"???  Surely somebody, sometime...?

14. Why did 'young Lorelai' look so Italian?

15. Has Al (of Al's pancake world) ever popped up in any scene anytime?? Ever?

16. When did Caesar (Luke's Cook) shrink 2 feet and gain 150 pounds and gain a very distinctive accent? Did Luke sack Caesar and then hire a new cook who just happened to be called Caesar too?

17. What was the long-haired hippie freak named? The guy who wanted to be town Troubador and then returned with a load of fruits and veggies to make enough money to go to Israel to 'plant some peace'??

When you've already watched all 7 seasons and you know the Gilmore Girls' complete story so well, watching the earlier episodes is a different experience. You notice all the things that have changed and when a character says "I'll always be around," You know whether they will or oy with the poodles already!

Unanswered questions. I'm sure that with every episode I watch there'll be more but for now, that'll do pig,

Copper boom!

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