Tuesday, October 28

Lush, is this a break-up? a Lush list!

In recent years my relationship (spending!) with Lush has gone up and down; one minute I'm top-to-toe in Lush products from cleanser to foot scrub, the next minute I'm abstaining, not a product am I using. I think the problem is I alway have more fun buying the products and looking at them than using them! Here is my list of why I love Lush and why I'm not so sure. . .

Lush bubble bars and bath bombs in shop

Why I'll always be a little bit in love with Lush. . .

1. The shops - My local Lush has a huge wide doorway and it's positioned so that you can't help but get a big delicious waft of the scents from inside. A Lush shop smells divine, is well spaced out, everything is wooden and chalkboard style. . .it's just a lovely place to be.

2. The staff - Lovely, friendly staff who are just so darn likeable! Even 1 week before Christmas, in the Trafford Centre (big mall up North), at 5 in the evening in the smallest Lush imaginable the staff are still lovely. Maybe they're all drugged up on Snow Fairy!

3. The smells - it can be a bit much when you're a Lush-newbie but once you're a regular visitor you can pick out a bit of Karma over there, Each Peach over here, Snow Fairy and Tuca Tuca are that way. . . and it's wonderful. I promise I'm not lying when I say I found the Lush in Derby on smell alone!!

4. They're taking care of the animals - they're not just against animal testing but they're actively involved in campaigns all around the world to ensure better treatment and stop the disgusting practices so often ignored. So even little, insignificant me who has no idea what to do can sign the petitions and add my address.

5. Colour change bath! - Their bubble bars and bath bombs turn your bath water orange, pink, glittery, blue, purple etc etc . . . I've never come across anything else that does that, it's so fun!

6. Lush scents your home - When you've had a Lush bath, everyone in the house knows about it, that delicious comforter smell of blackcurrant is everywhere.

7. Natural ingredients, limited chemicals - this is what initially drew me in all those years ago. I love the use of plant extracts and herbs, the ingredients lists read like cookbook recipes.

8. Free face masks - Take back 5 empty pots and get a free facemask; who doesn't love that one huh?

9. The Lush times - The little free newspaper/catalogue of Lush products, for a beauty junkie like me it's a great little piece of marketing, I treat it like an actual newspaper and sit down with a cup of tea for a happy flick through! The pictures, the little side comments and of course the delicious descriptions of the products themselves - totally hooked.

10. The paper bags - they're so much better than a rustling plastic bag, they have cute seasonal designs and it feels like you're carrying a gift around!

11. Great gifts - When you just don't know what to buy someone you know that they bathe and you know they like the smell of fruit or cake. Their gifts always look so pretty and beautifully wrapped.

12. The free smaples - go in on a weekday and spend a while chatting with the staff before paying and they'll usually throw in a couple of samples and sometimes they're even full size! I once got a full pot of Gorgeous (face moisturiser) on a Wednesday afternoon because the use-by date was coming up - score!

Why I fell out of love with Lush. . .

1. Price - Lush is expensive. If you use the bubble bars/bombs you could be paying £4 for a bath. Did I really spend all that money on bathing over the years? I do think the solid perfumes are well priced though.

2. Ingredients - Just because it's a natural ingredient it doesn't mean it's good for your skin. There are just as many irritants in nature as in a lab. Sometimes I get the feeling ingredients have been tossed in more for their scent than any skin benefits and that ain't good.

3. The marketing - when it comes to face products I sometimes get the feeling that the 'natural' selling point is more important than how the products work.

4. The Competition - I can get a 300ml bottle of Dolly's mixtures bath gel or huge 500ml of Treacle moon bath gel for around £2 in flavours like Pina Colada and Cinnamon nights. They'll last several showers or baths and neither of them test on animals. If I want a yummy bubble bath without the animal cruelty I have other, cheaper choices.

A few years ago when I had student finance in abundance and no responsibilities, Lush was a regular in all areas of my beauty routine but now their bubble bars have become more of a luxury, buy 1 every so often type of product. I still love going in and having a look around and I'll keep re-purchasing Tuca-Tuca and Karma solid perfumes for as long as they sell them. 

But for now, I'm afraid it's time to see other beauty suppliers. It's not me it's you. I'm not looking for anything serious. This is a break-up but I hope we can still be friends. 

Ciao for now


  1. I feel you... Lush products are so overpriced, the hair products especially... but the baths, oh God, the baths. I just can't stop and they're an amazing treat for yourself.

    1. That's the eternal dilemma! We know they're overpriced. . but, can't resist . .one. .more. .bubble. .bar. . . :-)


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