Monday, October 27

Golden Burgundy - Attention-grabbing Autumn nails

I've been getting so many complements on this gorgeous manicure which started as my go to quick look but has since become my favourite nail look! The gorgeous Autumn burgundy with the touch of warm gold sparkle means I'll be wearing it through Bonfire night, well into Christmas and over New Year too. 

Autumn nail polish, burgundy, oxblood, barry M topcoat and Barry M gold glitter with halloween pumpkin

I'm usually of the 'spend a couple of hours with a cup of tea and Downton Abbey or Gilmore Girls' type of nail polisher - polka dots, gradients, little flowers; I love it! It's like meditation every Sunday. 

burgundy, deep red autumn nails with gold glitter, oxblood. Barry M

I wanted a burgundy/oxblood nail look for Autumn/Winter - that gorgeous mulled wine type of mood - and picked up this one by MUA from Superdrug for the grand price of. . . . £1. I'm a firm believer in the cheap polish + expensive top coat philosophy. With a Barry M top coat I can spend a week grooming the dog, carving pumpkins and baking apple crumble and my nails will still be chip-free!

Burgundy, deep red nail polish and halloween pumpkin

And of course anything sparkly makes me happy, I was raised on Barbie and Disney and am not ashamed at all!! Autumn and Winter are long long long dark seasons in the UK and a bit of golden Barry M sparkle makes me happy when I'm grabbing a cup of hot chocolate to warm my cold glittery fingers when I'm shopping for a Halloween costume. 

Barry M gold glitter nail polish topcoat,

Top it all off with a top coat and I'm good to go. When I think of all the time I've spent drawing intricate little designs on my nails then one day I just throw on 2 coats of burgundy and some glitter over the top and suddenly everybody I meet wants to have a little look. It's annoying and wonderful at the same time. 

Autumn really is the best season. 
And you'll see in the background my happy little pumpkin; Mindy, only my 2nd ever attempt at pumpkin carving, the boyfriend did one too and they look great around our fireplace in the evenings.

Autumn nail polish, burgundy oxblood nails with gold glitter, Barry M and Winne the Pooh mug
Autumn nail polish, burgundy oxblood nails with gold glitter, Barry M

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying this cosy season, check out the list of good things for some of my fave things about Autumn

Ciao for now

(my neighbours are particularly deaf today, their TV is thundering through my wall) 

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