Thursday, October 30

Exploring the Alton Towers Spa


For our anniversary this month we headed off to celebrate with a day at the Alton Towers spa! With the echoes of screaming coming from the Smiler, Oblivion and Rita (Alton Towers is a major UK theme Park in case you're confused!!) we enjoyed a couple's mud treatment and a day in the relaxation rooms.

Our first stop was to slip into our robes and fluffy slippers for the day then it was off to the tea station for some free fruity/herbal teas! There's something so decadent about spending your day sitting around in a robe and slippers drinking tea - if you did that at home you'd be called a waster but here you pay for it and it's called luxury!

Alton Towers spa, main swimming pool

For most treatments at the Alton Towers spa you get to spend 3 hours in the aqua relaxation rooms so we scheduled ours for 1 hour before the treatment and 2 hours afterwards. It worked for us!

The aqua relaxation rooms have a variety of steam rooms, (including a red hot shed outside which I didn't dare try!) jacuzzi, pool, whirlpool, sensory shower and reflexology foot-baths. The conservatory, pool and rooms are open plan in a large room full of windows so I could relax with some trashy glossy mags while watching boyfriend splash around in the pool.

Alton Towers spa herbal fruit teaAlton Towers spa, herbal, fruit tea and swimming pool

The rooms were so warm! I've never experienced anything like it, even when I just climbed out of the jacuzzi I never felt a shiver. I am a nesh girl so I have to say the humble jacuzzi was by far my favourite. I love sitting back in the hot bubbles fizzing around me.

Alton Towers spa, relaxing, grazia magazine, candles and blue towel

When time rolled around for our treatment up we went for the blood orange rasul mud treatment. The 'blood orange' flavour changes depending on the season; spiced apple for November, mulled wine for December etc.

Alton Towers spa, clay, rasul mud

The mud treatment is a DIY treatment - you have your own room and steam room and you basically cover each other in mud! Great fun! We climbed into the dim, warm steam room which was decorated in a beautiful Moroccan style and began with a salt scrub. Then it was onto the mud; one for the face, one for the upper body and one for the legs. 

Alton Towers spa, rasul mud treatment room

It was at this point the circle of little lights in the ceiling turned misty and steam drifted in. Once the mud is all on, you have a seat in one of the shower alcoves and talk about whatever nonsense pops into your head! And after a while you can start drawing moustaches on your face with the left over dark mud.

Once we were all clean again there were Elemis moisturisers for the face and body to help us smell delicious. The therapist returned with a 'mocktail' which was where the 'blood orange' came in, and we sipped it sitting on the squashy chairs looking at our filthy steam room which was now covered in splashes of mud! 

Alton Towers spa, treatment, elemis lotion, face flannels

I'm not sure if it did anything apart from scrub the dead skin off, but it was definitely fun to get all covered in dirt and steamed. The whole treatment takes an hour.

After the treatment it started getting dark quite quickly and we soon found that all the other guests had left! So we explored the steam rooms, stole kisses in the whirlpool, drank more tea and generally enjoyed ourselves. 

Alton Towers spa, face cleansing station, ice water, oranges, face flannels
'Facial Cleansing station' - iced water with oranges and lemons and fluffy mitts. Very refreshing!
As the Sun went down we could see the warm glow of the lights from the hotel across the lake, with its decorative little bridges and lights all around the patio. The spa was open until 8.30pm and we've no idea why the place was empty by 6pm - those people missed out! Once the bright daylight turned to night the atmosphere was completely different.

Alton Towers Spa, conservatory by night

The treatment was quite expensive at £60 but 3 hours in the relaxation rooms is only £18 each which isn't much more than a trip to the cinema nowadays!! So I'm sure we'll be back. 

Quick tip - if you plan on doing the mud and the rooms take 2 sets of swimwear. 

The robes are not as fluffy as they used to be and the only fruit on offer were oranges but nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and recommend it to anyone! 

A week before this we spent a day on the theme park! Explore the hidden gardens with us and 19th century conservatory here. (click!)

Ciao for now

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