Wednesday, October 29

Promising Yellow: Autumn beautiful Autumn

Hi all!

A simple little post today, Autumn is half way through now and I thought I'd post some of the gorgeous pics I've been collecting while out and about with the beautiful little doggie. This is my attempt at being arty so please be kind!

Right outside the back garden gate! Keeping warm in ox-blood leggings, a woolly little skirt and gorgeous calf length brown boots from BHS - ready for walkies!!

The leaves on the trees were turning all kinds of beautiful shades from yellow to orange to coral and red.

Of course I had to grab some of these juicy ripe berries for cooking with!! Blackberries were everywhere. When I got back I simply soaked them in salt water and they were ready to eat.

The trees are still weighted down with berries, I picked a small bunch of these too, not for eating but for this wonderful little project; bringing the autumn indoors.

Crab apples picked from the tree in our garden. Don't be fooled by the brown spots, when peeled they're perfectly delicious in apple crumble or apple sauce for eating with pork - yum!

A little glimpse into our dog walking lives. I love how nature is constantly changing. Once the frost starts I'll be trying to get some wintry, sparkly photos but for now, Autumn - we love you!

Ciao for now

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