Friday, October 31

The 'me time' tag

I recently watched Essie Button's "me time" tag video with Amelia and thought it seemed fun! So here I go;

What do you watch or read during me-time?
I love watching the Gilmore Girls! It makes me happy, everything is lovely there and the townspeople are just so warm and fuzzy. It's like watching a hug. 
Also - Cool Runnings. I have so much love for that movie. So so so so so much love <3

Cool runnings Disney movie

What do you wear during me-time?
I wear warm things, I hate being cold. I'll quite often wear a big woolly scarf. I'll either wear my thick, stretchy burgundy leggings (glimpsed in this post) or the only pair of 33 inch jersey jogging bottoms (sweatpants) I've ever found -EVER! With one of my university hoodies or a rather fetching skiing jumper I found in the men's section of Asda last year.

What are your me-time beauty products?
Nails nails nails. I don't consider facemasks etc as me time, I consider them essential maintenance! So when I'm having my me-time I spend an hour or so removing my cuticle, painting and decorating my nails.

Current favourite nail polish?
A gold Barry M glitter nail polish, it looks great over a burgundy nail polish (in this post) and I've been wearing this look all the time lately!

BArry M gold glitter top coat nail polish

What do you eat/drink during me-time?
Tea or hot-chocolate with loads of squirty cream. . . .then I usually eat all the cream and go and get some more!! to eat I like to dunk custard creams into tea. If you're American and hence never tried this, you're missing out!

Hot chocolate with whipped cream, hot cocoa

Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Yes I do. Usually with a little cute doggie running around me and camera in my hand to capture anything beautiful I spot. In summer I like to sit outside with a book and some random pineapple mocktail I make up.

Current favourite candle?
The little tea-light inside my carved pumpkin. Only the 2nd time I've ever carved one and it looks so cool!

Would you ever go see a movie alone?
I would and I have! When I was at university I had a 4 hour gap in the afternoon/early evening one day a week. It was always quiet and I loved it. If you've never done it give it a try, I promise nobody looks at you like you're a weirdo.

Favourite online shop?
Matalan. Honestly I'd be naked if it weren't for Matalan.

Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time? 
I bake, I put silly things on facebook and of course watch lots of youtube videos. 

It may be self-indulgent of me, but hey, this is a blog after all! Please leave me a link if you decide to do the me-time tag, I hope I'm not the only blogger out there doing this! Or maybe I do, would that make me a trailblazer??? ooh.

Anyway, I'm off for custard creams and a big mug of tea 
Ciao for now

Thursday, October 30

Exploring the Alton Towers Spa


For our anniversary this month we headed off to celebrate with a day at the Alton Towers spa! With the echoes of screaming coming from the Smiler, Oblivion and Rita (Alton Towers is a major UK theme Park in case you're confused!!) we enjoyed a couple's mud treatment and a day in the relaxation rooms.

Our first stop was to slip into our robes and fluffy slippers for the day then it was off to the tea station for some free fruity/herbal teas! There's something so decadent about spending your day sitting around in a robe and slippers drinking tea - if you did that at home you'd be called a waster but here you pay for it and it's called luxury!

Alton Towers spa, main swimming pool

For most treatments at the Alton Towers spa you get to spend 3 hours in the aqua relaxation rooms so we scheduled ours for 1 hour before the treatment and 2 hours afterwards. It worked for us!

The aqua relaxation rooms have a variety of steam rooms, (including a red hot shed outside which I didn't dare try!) jacuzzi, pool, whirlpool, sensory shower and reflexology foot-baths. The conservatory, pool and rooms are open plan in a large room full of windows so I could relax with some trashy glossy mags while watching boyfriend splash around in the pool.

Alton Towers spa herbal fruit teaAlton Towers spa, herbal, fruit tea and swimming pool

The rooms were so warm! I've never experienced anything like it, even when I just climbed out of the jacuzzi I never felt a shiver. I am a nesh girl so I have to say the humble jacuzzi was by far my favourite. I love sitting back in the hot bubbles fizzing around me.

Alton Towers spa, relaxing, grazia magazine, candles and blue towel

When time rolled around for our treatment up we went for the blood orange rasul mud treatment. The 'blood orange' flavour changes depending on the season; spiced apple for November, mulled wine for December etc.

Alton Towers spa, clay, rasul mud

The mud treatment is a DIY treatment - you have your own room and steam room and you basically cover each other in mud! Great fun! We climbed into the dim, warm steam room which was decorated in a beautiful Moroccan style and began with a salt scrub. Then it was onto the mud; one for the face, one for the upper body and one for the legs. 

Alton Towers spa, rasul mud treatment room

It was at this point the circle of little lights in the ceiling turned misty and steam drifted in. Once the mud is all on, you have a seat in one of the shower alcoves and talk about whatever nonsense pops into your head! And after a while you can start drawing moustaches on your face with the left over dark mud.

Once we were all clean again there were Elemis moisturisers for the face and body to help us smell delicious. The therapist returned with a 'mocktail' which was where the 'blood orange' came in, and we sipped it sitting on the squashy chairs looking at our filthy steam room which was now covered in splashes of mud! 

Alton Towers spa, treatment, elemis lotion, face flannels

I'm not sure if it did anything apart from scrub the dead skin off, but it was definitely fun to get all covered in dirt and steamed. The whole treatment takes an hour.

After the treatment it started getting dark quite quickly and we soon found that all the other guests had left! So we explored the steam rooms, stole kisses in the whirlpool, drank more tea and generally enjoyed ourselves. 

Alton Towers spa, face cleansing station, ice water, oranges, face flannels
'Facial Cleansing station' - iced water with oranges and lemons and fluffy mitts. Very refreshing!
As the Sun went down we could see the warm glow of the lights from the hotel across the lake, with its decorative little bridges and lights all around the patio. The spa was open until 8.30pm and we've no idea why the place was empty by 6pm - those people missed out! Once the bright daylight turned to night the atmosphere was completely different.

Alton Towers Spa, conservatory by night

The treatment was quite expensive at £60 but 3 hours in the relaxation rooms is only £18 each which isn't much more than a trip to the cinema nowadays!! So I'm sure we'll be back. 

Quick tip - if you plan on doing the mud and the rooms take 2 sets of swimwear. 

The robes are not as fluffy as they used to be and the only fruit on offer were oranges but nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and recommend it to anyone! 

A week before this we spent a day on the theme park! Explore the hidden gardens with us and 19th century conservatory here. (click!)

Ciao for now

Promising Yellow: Exploring hidden Alton Towers


A couple of weeks ago we grabbed our buy 1 get 1 free Kellog's voucher and set off for a day of roller-coaster madness at Alton Towers! Although it was a bit drizzly we had a wonderful time and spent the day drinking gallons of hot chocolate to keep us warm. 

Alton Towers is a huge Theme Park in Staffordshire. It's probably the number 1 theme park in the country - it's certainly the most advertised!! There are 7 huge roller-coasters and at the moment the Smiler is still attracting all the attention although Rita - the super-fast racing car themed ride - is still my favourite. 

For all the attention the park and the rides get it was originally a beautiful family home of the Earl of Shrewsbury and was opened up as pleasure gardens in 1924. It wasn't until the 80s and 90s it became a theme park. 

The gardens are still there - a huge expanse of winding paths and little summer houses just ready for exploring. Our favourite place is this huge conservatory. Surprisingly there's little information about what it was used for but some wonderful photographs here  show crowds of people enjoying themselves in the 1920s. It's at once a wonderful and sad place to be. 

With the fun of the rides and no more 'garden only' tickets available these days the once grand 19th century conservatory is ignored and falling into disrepair. As you walk around it and stick your camera through missing window panes to get a shot of the indoors you can almost hear the music coming from the bandstand below every Saturday and Sunday. You can imagine that it was a vibrant place full of romance, 'best dresses', picnics and fun. 

It's a perfect representation of how leisure changes. Nearly 100 years ago people were excited about a day out to the Alton Towers gardens - a beautiful place where you could flirt, gossip, dance, picnic and dress up and have a wonderful time. Now there's still the laughter and the fun but it's done on huge thrill rides, a new kind of leisure to replace the old. It's as though one has been swapped for the other - they can't co-exist so the rides take over. The once bustling gardens full of people posing by the fountains, the bandstand and the pagodas are empty. We sat by the conservatory for our own little picnic and saw nobody all the time we were there. 

We did however get to spend a good 20 minutes quick-stepping in the bandstand. So for that brief period of time we brought a little bit of the old times back to the gardens - a pastime of yesteryear which still had us laughing and breathless and gave a little thrill to hold his hand in mine as he led me around watched over by the many stone statues, decorative bridges and once-grand conservatory. 

With the long queues for rides often reaching an hour or more most people don't have time to venture into the gardens. But if you're fortunate enough to go on a quiet day with lots of time to spare, like we did, have a little amble through the gardens for a quiet escape from the screams and steal a little kiss or 2.
Ciao for now

Wednesday, October 29

Promising Yellow: Autumn beautiful Autumn

Hi all!

A simple little post today, Autumn is half way through now and I thought I'd post some of the gorgeous pics I've been collecting while out and about with the beautiful little doggie. This is my attempt at being arty so please be kind!

Right outside the back garden gate! Keeping warm in ox-blood leggings, a woolly little skirt and gorgeous calf length brown boots from BHS - ready for walkies!!

The leaves on the trees were turning all kinds of beautiful shades from yellow to orange to coral and red.

Of course I had to grab some of these juicy ripe berries for cooking with!! Blackberries were everywhere. When I got back I simply soaked them in salt water and they were ready to eat.

The trees are still weighted down with berries, I picked a small bunch of these too, not for eating but for this wonderful little project; bringing the autumn indoors.

Crab apples picked from the tree in our garden. Don't be fooled by the brown spots, when peeled they're perfectly delicious in apple crumble or apple sauce for eating with pork - yum!

A little glimpse into our dog walking lives. I love how nature is constantly changing. Once the frost starts I'll be trying to get some wintry, sparkly photos but for now, Autumn - we love you!

Ciao for now

Exfoliation - What, Why, How?

In a nutshell;
What? Taking away the dead skin  cells
Why? So our pores don't get clogged and our skin looks brighter
How? By scrubbing it off or chemically melting away the cells

Possibly the most important step in your skincare regimen and definitely one for the anti-acne rules and routine! A good physical exfoliation is like magic; your skin is instantly silky soft and you can't stop stroking your face. (Click here for a more detailed how-to; How to exfoliate for the best skin of your life!)

There are 2 types of exfoliation; physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation involves physically scrubbing away those dull, dead skin cells sitting on your face. Obviously we don't want to do this too often or we'll cause irritation! Chemical exfoliation involves literally melting the dead cells away from the skin. Dead skin cells are there because your skin hasn't been able to properly shed them, a chemical exfoliant just loosens the 'glue' holding them on.

Your skin is constantly renewing and forming new skin cells but the dead skin cells need a little help to shed - especially as we get older! Dead skin cells will mix with the oils on your face and start to clog your pores. And as we know, clogged pores mean blackheads and acne. Regular exfoliation allows healthy skin to shine through so that you look brighter and younger.  And finally, you'll find your skincare products last longer and work better! What's the point in spending all that money and time on great skincare products if you're applying them to dead skin cells?

Physical exfoliation;

Firstly remember DO NOT physically exfoliate every day - you will irritate your skin and if you have acne will only make it worse. Exfoliation is wonderful when done properly but don't make the mistake I did (my acne story) and scrub your face everyday.  2-4 times a week maximum.

Facial scrub - thick cream with grains of almond shells, oats, maybe even rice or sand - basically anything small and gritty - that you rub over your face in small circles. You can buy one or easily make your own.

Facial sponge/muslin cloth/flannel - a great little tool like this one (click!) will physically exfoliate your skin more gently and with less mess. A face flannel will also do the trick or go gentle with a muslin cloth - never use them with water alone, make sure you have some cleanser or oil on your face as lubrication or you'll irritate your skin!

Chemical exfoliation;

In the form of Glycolic acid (AHA) or Salicylic acid (BHA). Yes you can use one of these every day even alongside gentle physical exfoliation. With both acids you allow your skin to build up a tolerance - starting with a low 1% and building up to a 10%.

Both chemicals need time on your face to do their job so a facewash really isn't useful. The best Salicylic and Glycolic acid products come in the form of toners, serums or moisturisers. Personally I prefer a serum as there's no way I'll ever give up my acne busting apple cider vinegar toner!! (click!)

Chemical exfoliation is such a big topic and definitely one we'll return to. If you've been into skincare for a while and are looking at the next step to make your skin glow don't skip this one!

Chemical exfoliators, paula's choice, avene cleanance K, salicylic acid, glycolic acid
L-R: Paula's choice 5% AHA,       Avene Cleanance K glycolic cream-gel,        Paula's choice 2% BHA Liquid.

For some amazing advice from someone who truly is passionate about all things exfoliation check out Dr Neal's videos on DermTV.

As it says in the acne rules and routine (click!), exfoliation is a key step in getting rid of acne so don't neglect it! It's as simple as adding a serum in the morning and using a muslin cloth in the evening to meet your skin's exfoliating needs.

Ciao for now

Tuesday, October 28

Lush, is this a break-up? a Lush list!

In recent years my relationship (spending!) with Lush has gone up and down; one minute I'm top-to-toe in Lush products from cleanser to foot scrub, the next minute I'm abstaining, not a product am I using. I think the problem is I alway have more fun buying the products and looking at them than using them! Here is my list of why I love Lush and why I'm not so sure. . .

Lush bubble bars and bath bombs in shop

Why I'll always be a little bit in love with Lush. . .

1. The shops - My local Lush has a huge wide doorway and it's positioned so that you can't help but get a big delicious waft of the scents from inside. A Lush shop smells divine, is well spaced out, everything is wooden and chalkboard style. . .it's just a lovely place to be.

2. The staff - Lovely, friendly staff who are just so darn likeable! Even 1 week before Christmas, in the Trafford Centre (big mall up North), at 5 in the evening in the smallest Lush imaginable the staff are still lovely. Maybe they're all drugged up on Snow Fairy!

3. The smells - it can be a bit much when you're a Lush-newbie but once you're a regular visitor you can pick out a bit of Karma over there, Each Peach over here, Snow Fairy and Tuca Tuca are that way. . . and it's wonderful. I promise I'm not lying when I say I found the Lush in Derby on smell alone!!

4. They're taking care of the animals - they're not just against animal testing but they're actively involved in campaigns all around the world to ensure better treatment and stop the disgusting practices so often ignored. So even little, insignificant me who has no idea what to do can sign the petitions and add my address.

5. Colour change bath! - Their bubble bars and bath bombs turn your bath water orange, pink, glittery, blue, purple etc etc . . . I've never come across anything else that does that, it's so fun!

6. Lush scents your home - When you've had a Lush bath, everyone in the house knows about it, that delicious comforter smell of blackcurrant is everywhere.

7. Natural ingredients, limited chemicals - this is what initially drew me in all those years ago. I love the use of plant extracts and herbs, the ingredients lists read like cookbook recipes.

8. Free face masks - Take back 5 empty pots and get a free facemask; who doesn't love that one huh?

9. The Lush times - The little free newspaper/catalogue of Lush products, for a beauty junkie like me it's a great little piece of marketing, I treat it like an actual newspaper and sit down with a cup of tea for a happy flick through! The pictures, the little side comments and of course the delicious descriptions of the products themselves - totally hooked.

10. The paper bags - they're so much better than a rustling plastic bag, they have cute seasonal designs and it feels like you're carrying a gift around!

11. Great gifts - When you just don't know what to buy someone you know that they bathe and you know they like the smell of fruit or cake. Their gifts always look so pretty and beautifully wrapped.

12. The free smaples - go in on a weekday and spend a while chatting with the staff before paying and they'll usually throw in a couple of samples and sometimes they're even full size! I once got a full pot of Gorgeous (face moisturiser) on a Wednesday afternoon because the use-by date was coming up - score!

Why I fell out of love with Lush. . .

1. Price - Lush is expensive. If you use the bubble bars/bombs you could be paying £4 for a bath. Did I really spend all that money on bathing over the years? I do think the solid perfumes are well priced though.

2. Ingredients - Just because it's a natural ingredient it doesn't mean it's good for your skin. There are just as many irritants in nature as in a lab. Sometimes I get the feeling ingredients have been tossed in more for their scent than any skin benefits and that ain't good.

3. The marketing - when it comes to face products I sometimes get the feeling that the 'natural' selling point is more important than how the products work.

4. The Competition - I can get a 300ml bottle of Dolly's mixtures bath gel or huge 500ml of Treacle moon bath gel for around £2 in flavours like Pina Colada and Cinnamon nights. They'll last several showers or baths and neither of them test on animals. If I want a yummy bubble bath without the animal cruelty I have other, cheaper choices.

A few years ago when I had student finance in abundance and no responsibilities, Lush was a regular in all areas of my beauty routine but now their bubble bars have become more of a luxury, buy 1 every so often type of product. I still love going in and having a look around and I'll keep re-purchasing Tuca-Tuca and Karma solid perfumes for as long as they sell them. 

But for now, I'm afraid it's time to see other beauty suppliers. It's not me it's you. I'm not looking for anything serious. This is a break-up but I hope we can still be friends. 

Ciao for now

Promising Yellow: Spice up your Tea!

When Autumn comes and it's cold outside forget water and squash, I need something hot. I turn to fruity tea and my spice cupboard. If you've had the pleasure of sipping a wonderful cup of Chai tea in the past you'll know the power a few spices can wield. Well, why not buy the spices yourself and dress up your other teas too?

I get very English when it comes to tea; Earl Grey, Breakfast, Chai - pour in some dairy and everything seems brighter. But if you want something different and lighter try fruit or herbal tea. Problem is they can be a bit boring. Fortunately the powers in the East (or China) invented the great and powerful teapot and our supermarkets import exotic spices so we can brew brew brew to our heart's content.

Today I wanted some 'orange crush' and to spice it up I selected a beautiful stick of cinnamon, tossed it into the old teapot with 2 orange teabags and brewed away. A spoonful of sugar or honey + brewing time and I'm good to go!

You can do this with any fruit tea, just experiment! As a general rule anything that sounds like it would go into a dessert should work. And according to my spice cupboard you can't go wrong with any spice beginning with a C !!

Toss into your teapot - Star Anise, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Cayenne Pepper
A chunk of peeled ginger would also be beautiful - add it with the cinnamon for a great tonic to get you better if you're ill! Red peppercorns are a common ingredient of Chai tea, I wonder how they'd taste? Don't be scared of the Cayenne pepper; it'll give your metabolism a boost and add a little heat without much actual flavour. As a general rule go easy with the cloves, if you're leaving your tea to brew just 1 or 2 cloves for the whole pot will be enough similarly, with the Star Anise; half a star will be enough.

Do let me know what you try, I'll be brewing up some more in my cauldron this Halloween!

Ciao for now

Monday, October 27

Golden Burgundy - Attention-grabbing Autumn nails

I've been getting so many complements on this gorgeous manicure which started as my go to quick look but has since become my favourite nail look! The gorgeous Autumn burgundy with the touch of warm gold sparkle means I'll be wearing it through Bonfire night, well into Christmas and over New Year too. 

Autumn nail polish, burgundy, oxblood, barry M topcoat and Barry M gold glitter with halloween pumpkin

I'm usually of the 'spend a couple of hours with a cup of tea and Downton Abbey or Gilmore Girls' type of nail polisher - polka dots, gradients, little flowers; I love it! It's like meditation every Sunday. 

burgundy, deep red autumn nails with gold glitter, oxblood. Barry M

I wanted a burgundy/oxblood nail look for Autumn/Winter - that gorgeous mulled wine type of mood - and picked up this one by MUA from Superdrug for the grand price of. . . . £1. I'm a firm believer in the cheap polish + expensive top coat philosophy. With a Barry M top coat I can spend a week grooming the dog, carving pumpkins and baking apple crumble and my nails will still be chip-free!

Burgundy, deep red nail polish and halloween pumpkin

And of course anything sparkly makes me happy, I was raised on Barbie and Disney and am not ashamed at all!! Autumn and Winter are long long long dark seasons in the UK and a bit of golden Barry M sparkle makes me happy when I'm grabbing a cup of hot chocolate to warm my cold glittery fingers when I'm shopping for a Halloween costume. 

Barry M gold glitter nail polish topcoat,

Top it all off with a top coat and I'm good to go. When I think of all the time I've spent drawing intricate little designs on my nails then one day I just throw on 2 coats of burgundy and some glitter over the top and suddenly everybody I meet wants to have a little look. It's annoying and wonderful at the same time. 

Autumn really is the best season. 
And you'll see in the background my happy little pumpkin; Mindy, only my 2nd ever attempt at pumpkin carving, the boyfriend did one too and they look great around our fireplace in the evenings.

Autumn nail polish, burgundy oxblood nails with gold glitter, Barry M and Winne the Pooh mug
Autumn nail polish, burgundy oxblood nails with gold glitter, Barry M

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying this cosy season, check out the list of good things for some of my fave things about Autumn

Ciao for now

(my neighbours are particularly deaf today, their TV is thundering through my wall) 

Sunday, October 19

The world's easiest DIY body scrub - just 2 ingredients!

Hi again!

We've all looked at those Pinterest sugar scrubs and then spent a good half an hour pouring oils and flavours and colours into a big jar and mix mix mixing. But here is a DIY to take ALL the work out of it, finished in about 88 seconds and scented with something other than lemons and mint leaves that won't leave your walls covered in chunks of oily sugar!

All you need is sugar and shower gel.

Sugar jar, dollys mixtures shower gel bubble bath, pina colada

That's it!

If you've got a delicious shower gel you love (have you tried Dolly's mixtures yet?) why not use it as a body scrub too?

Body scrub, Dollys Mixtures shower gel bubble bath in Pina Colada and sugar

The type of sugar you use will depend on how thorough you want your scrub to be and how much mess you're willing to clean up afterwards! Bigger granules will fly around, smaller granules will stick to the shower gel and your skin.

big granules = better scrub, some mess
small granules = softer scrub, no mess 

If you looking for a really thorough scrub brown sugar is the one; big hard granules that will make layers of dead skin disappear. Personally I hate mess and am happy to just use a little bit more sugar so I choose caster sugar.

DIY beauty treatment, Body scrub, Dollys Mixtures shower gel bubble bath in Pina Colada and sugar

I make 1 application at a time, that way I can choose a different scent each time and it won't start stinking after being stuck on my shelf for 3 weeks!!

Take 4 teaspoons of sugar and drizzle in enough shower gel to make a thick paste, you don't want it too runny as your skin will already be wet and will water it down anyway.

DIY beauty treatment, Body scrub, Dollys Mixtures shower gel bubble bath in Pina Colada and sugar

I'm using caster sugar + Dolly's Mixture's shower gel in Pina Colada and it's divine!

The sugar dissolves so won't clog up your drains and it really is the easiest and cheapest way to get a delicious body scrub to leave your skin silky soft. Don't forget to moisturise afterwards!

Ciao for now

Thursday, October 16

The Library of Fragrance

Hello all!

Poking around Boots I came across what could easily be a shelf of Yankee Candle fragrances! With names like Snow, Thunderstorm and Gingerbread these perfumes jump out from the shelf.

Fresh laundry, gin & tonic, gingerbread, grass, jasmine

I already said in perfume of a lady that I've always loved the idea of smelling like a freshly baked cookie so I immediately went for Vanilla ice-cream and Yep! It smells exactly like all those vanilla cupcake/buttercream/vanilla frosting flavoured expensive candles - delicious!! I bought it and have happily been wafting around smelling like cake and biscuits and vanilla ice-cream ever since.

Snow, sunshine, thunderstorm, vanilla ice-crem

In a world of the fanciest, most over top glass perfume bottles ever seen I'm loving the simple, clean style of these. They look classy not gaudy and are a great size for travelling or just popping in your handbag. 

amber, baby powder, cherry blossom, clean skin, daisy

I've since been back, grabbed a bunch of those paper perfume strips and spray spray sprayed for a good 15 minutes. For warm, sweet fragrances Moonbeam, Sunshine and Gingerbread are all tickling my fancy! Snow smelled just like those 'fluffy towels/linen' type candles. Thunderstorm and Gin and Tonic smelled beautifully fresh.

fireplace, four leaf clover, fresh coconut, fresh ginger

Interestingly the fruity fragrances; Cherry blossom and Peach, smelled exactly like their fresh counter parts at first and then slowly 'grew-up' as the middle and bottom notes came through. Peach in particular is a very intriguing perfume.

Mango, marshmallow, moonbeam, musk 7, orange blossom

Personally I'm hoping there'll be a blackcurrant scent released soon and is it too weird to want to smell of chocolate orange?

I hope this literal candle-scent perfume trend takes off! These are my kind of fragrance!

Hope you give them a go! Which fragrances are drawing your eye?

Ciao for now

Dolly's Mixtures Bubble bath/Shower gel


Boring food shopping *yawn* then you're in the bath/shower aisle gazing up at the most gorgeous range of shower/bath gels! Step forward Asda and Dolly's Mixtures.  I love when supermarkets have their own ranges of shower/bath gels that you can't get anywhere else. It's like finding treasure!

Dollys mixtures shower gel, bubble bath on asda shelf, full range of flavours

I love bubble baths but hate showering. I live in Britain and it's cold! So to make it bearable for myself I go after the fruity, sweet scented shower gels and bubble baths. I love them!! Cupcake, Strawberry milkshake and chocolate scented bubbles will all get me in the shower.

This week I had a look around Asda, (now owned by wal-mart) and was immediately attracted by Dolly's mixtures, a new range of bath/shower gels. 

Dollys mixtures shower gel, bubble bath, rhubarb and custard, lemon bon bon, strawberry daiquiri etc
Dolly's Mixtures bath/shower gels; L-R Candy floss, Bubble gum, Pina Colada, Rhubarb and Custard, Lemon Bon-Bon, Strawberry Daiquiri
The design of the bottles is so girly and colourful and look at those flavours! Pina colada, vanilla cupcake, lemon bon-bon, rhubarb and custard - how can you resist? I couldn't!

I spent a good ten minutes sniffing each and every one, being transported away from the hum-drum every day supermarket atmosphere, before choosing pina colada as my buy of the day! Honestly, I could easily have bought ten!

Dollys mixtures shower gel, bubble bath, bucks fizz, red velvet cupcake, lime mojito and vanilla cupcake
Dolly's Mixtures bath/shower gels; L-R Strawberry Daiquiri, Buck's Fizz, Red Velvet Cupcake,
Lime Mojito, Vanilla Cupcake
I got home and poured a modest amount by my standards into the tub and waited impatiently for it to fill. Even with the small amount I'd used my whole bathroom was filled with steamy clouds of sweet, coconut, pineapple fragrance and a mound of creamy bubbles were beckoning me in. The thing that always leaves me dissatisfied with bubble bath is when they smell so good in the bottle but once you're in the bath the fragrance disappears. Not so with Dolly's mixtures, the room and the bubbles were deliciously scented.

Dollys mixtures shower gel bubble bath pina colada with bubbles in bathroom
Oh, just look at those artfully placed bubbles carelessly cascading down. . .
Dolly's mixtures gets the seal of approval from me! I love the scents, the bottles are beautiful, the packaging is cute and cheery and I can't wait to choose another.

Dollys muxtures bubble bath, shower gel rhubarb and custard and lemon bon bon, sunshine yellow
You can almost taste those rhubarb and custard sweets, and the lemon - what a gorgeous colour!
At only £2 each they'll make great Christmas presents, maybe choose 2 or 3 and put them in a little basket with a bow around them and a fancy shower puff. That would definitely make me happy on Christmas morning!!

And the best thing of all? Very clearly on the back reads "against animal testing." 
Perfect, thanks Asda!!

Which flavours would you like to try?

Ciao for now

Tuesday, October 7

Promising Yellow: Gilmore Girls - unanswered questions

On Oct 1st Gilmore Girls came to Netflix and the internet is suddenly alive with what episodes to watch and why we love Lorelai and hundreds of picture quotes on Pinterest. Unfortunately Netflix has decided to keep our UK library decidedly on the B-side as usual. . . so I grabbed the DVDs I have tucked away and started from Season 1. . .and I gotta say, there are a lot of questions from the earlier seasons that I want answers to!!

And I'm not talking about the biggies; 'what were the last four words Amy Sherman Palladino wanted to end the show with? Who did Rory end up with in the end, Logan? Jess? Someone new?' or even 'did Luke and Lorelai pop out more babies?'

I'm talking about the little questions like, what happened to Rory's membership in the puffs? Where did Drella go?
By the way, I have no answers. So feel free to chip in :-)
(please no boring answers like "that actor moved on or production costs etc")

1. When did Kirk's name change from Mick and why? In Season 1 episode 2 'Mick' is trying to install internet at Lorelai's house, "Hi, I'm Mick" says he. A few episodes later and he's Kirk! So was Kirk masquerading as Mick to get some technology experience? Did the company not have a name badge for him so they just said "here you go, you're Mick!" Or did Kirk Feng Shui his name from Mick to Kirk?

2. What happened to Drella? She was the harp player at the Inn and was very rude to everyone. I'm guessing she was fired but no-one said anything, one episode she was there, harping away at a wedding, the next she was gone and was never mentioned again. Ever.

3. Is Michel gay or what? On the one hand Rory:"I'll tell all the ladies what a stud you are." Michel:"I believe that memo has already been sent." On the other hand, the dancing, the funeral for his dog in season 7, the Celine Dion and Destiny's Child obsessions, no girlfriends or boyfriends ever, the great taste in clothes/fashion, the working out and dieting, the disdain for more traditionally cavemen types like Roon and Luke. . .sooooo, is he gay?

4. How did Babette get her house like that? It's almost completely miniature, even the ceilings, and doorways, how?

5. Where did Harry, the Star's Hollow Mayor go? Just like Drella, one episode there he was berating Taylor at the firelight festival the next he was never heard of again, AND they never had another Mayor! Taylor just became the big boss.

6. Speaking of the firelight festival, we fans loved that episode so much, it was such a big deal in the town how come they never had another one? I would have loved another firelight festival with more founder's day punch!

7. What happened to Lane's father? She talks about her parents - parents with a s - all the time in season 1, but we never see him and later on it's just assumed that there is no father, where did he go???

8. Where did Henry Cho go? Mrs Kim got all excitd about him being a Korean soon-to-be doctor why didn't she invite him over so that Lane and he could be all loves-young-dream together?

9. Why didn't Rory ever go back to the country club? She loved it so much, she did the golfing, Emily wanted to get her her own membership but she didn't go back there again, not even a mention.

10. What happened to Tristan after he was shipped off to military school? Expelled? Graduated as a great soldier/officer? Killed in action? Decorated for bravery? Stationed on a tropical outpost somewhere? Wouldn't it be interesting if HE was the guy Rory ended up with. . .Tristan!

11. THE PUFFS!! An amazing secret sorority, bonds which last a lifetime, connections which can advance your career, Rory became a member of the puffs. Why didn't she ever use any of these contacts? Why didn't Francie use her membership to get more favours out of Rory? Why weren't there any Puffs events? Why didn't Paris, who was desperate to be a member of the puffs, pursue her membership?

12. What was the Town loner protesting in season 3? something about Jello, stop the noodle scooz, drop the student schools. As the banner rolls down the last word looks like _erp, or mayber _ery??? The banner was real, the paint was real, what did it say!!

13. How come nobody ever says to Mrs Kim, "Hey, I saw Lane with Lorelai and Rory today, they were eating pizza together" or how about "Hey, how is Lane's drumming coming along, she's practicing all the time!" or even "Hey, why was Lane running around the town square with hair bleach all over her head earlier, is she ok?"???  Surely somebody, sometime...?

14. Why did 'young Lorelai' look so Italian?

15. Has Al (of Al's pancake world) ever popped up in any scene anytime?? Ever?

16. When did Caesar (Luke's Cook) shrink 2 feet and gain 150 pounds and gain a very distinctive accent? Did Luke sack Caesar and then hire a new cook who just happened to be called Caesar too?

17. What was the long-haired hippie freak named? The guy who wanted to be town Troubador and then returned with a load of fruits and veggies to make enough money to go to Israel to 'plant some peace'??

When you've already watched all 7 seasons and you know the Gilmore Girls' complete story so well, watching the earlier episodes is a different experience. You notice all the things that have changed and when a character says "I'll always be around," You know whether they will or oy with the poodles already!

Unanswered questions. I'm sure that with every episode I watch there'll be more but for now, that'll do pig,

Copper boom!