Friday, September 12

Promising Yellow: Loving this sweet treat!


So, this is a guilty confessions post! I'm addicted to these;

They're from Lidl, around £1.29 and completely moreish. I've always had a well-developed sweet tooth and these are exactly the kind of gooey, mallowy sweets I can't resist. Did you ever have a snowball? Covered in flaky coconut and filled with the squishiest, sweetest, lightest mallow cream? These remind me of snowballs. 

The mallow is more firm than a snowball but they just collapse inwards when you bite them. What is it about sweet treats like these that makes them sooooooooooo moreish!! I found myself eating two or three a day!! The good thing is that meant they didn't last too long!

Zooming in. . . .oh, can we just. . . .  I know to some you it may look like a disgusting cup of chocolate covered poison, and I wish I could think like you! But I'm too weak in the face of the mallow! Like a perfect little minion made of mallow and covered in shiny chocolate, beckoning me in. I can't say no.
I just can't
I'm weak, I know it.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to; battling my sugar addiction!!
What's your 'can't resist' sweet treat?

Ciao for now

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