Tuesday, September 16

Promising Yellow: The Lottery, competitions and the power of hope!


I entered a TV competition online today and now I'm just waiting to be told I've won. It's the same with the national lottery, as soon as I enter I'm just waiting to win.

I start day dreaming about what'll happen when I find out I've won; how I'll react. Will I cry? Will I jump up and down, what will my boyfriend/mum/dad say when I call them up to tell them? What will we do first with all that money, oh I can't wait to travel first class, maybe we'll go to Bora Bora or on a safari through the Kalahari or maybe fly to Florida and see the seven mile bridge and eat key lime pie!!

I'll feel relieved and secure, I won't have to worry about money or hold out hope for this opportunity or that. I'll be able to take a couple of random courses and learn something new, I could start my own business! Me and my boyfriend could spend time together not working, just like back when we first started out together. Maybe we'll cruise around the world!

That's the thing with competitions, I always feel like they're right there and if I could just get around to entering then of course I'll win! I've always felt this way about the national lottery. As I sit here loading up the results page, despite myself my heart starts beating a little harder and faster and I start feeling excited and then. . . I haven't won. Ever, not even a tenner for matching 3.

But never mind, That's just because fate is saving me for the next one, it'll be more money or something. So I enter again.

Where does this come from??? I just naturally assume I'll get it. Maybe it's a reflection of having a relatively easy life with the security of my parents behind me. But then again I know friends who've had just as good a life as I so far who are equally convinced they'll never win anything and nothing good will ever happen to them.

It's strange huh?

I'm in charge of my spending of course; I never bet too much on the lottery, just one set of numbers each time. But I'll keep doing it in the hope that one day, eventually, I shall win! And I shall call people up and be like "guess what"! I'll be able to help out charities, give money to my parents, live off the interest and never have to work another in day in my life unless I want to.

Maybe I'll win tomorrow or on Friday's draw or Saturday. All I have to do in enter right???
Fingers crossed!
Ciao for now

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