Friday, September 19

Promising Yellow: Hooray for the UK!! Better together

Early this morning I rolled over to grab some more of the sleep that heals. . . then I remembered something and was instantly awake!! I grabbed my phone typed into the google box and waited with baited breath.

Scotland votes "NO" to independence! WOO-HOO!!! Smiley faces for everybody!!

Like most people I don't like politicians, I don't trust them and can't bear to listen to the fluent, childish nonsense that comes out of their mouth. But this whole issue has had me and most of the UK sitting up and watching intently. Was the United Kingdom to become the Separated Kingdom? Was Britain going to be a little less Great?

My favourite debate by far was the one on my local radio station a couple of months ago about the Union Jack flag; how would it change? Would we remove the blue? But what about Wales, if there was to be a new flag they wanted a dragon on it! On the one side 'don't be silly, nobody can draw dragons' on the other side "our Welsh school children are taught to draw that dragon from the age of 5!" and after a good hour going back and forth with all kinds of suggestions one caller phoned in and said. . . "let's just keep the flag the way it is, it's less hassle."

Scotland, England, Wales and N.Ireland are now one big happy family and I for one am over the moon! I surprised myself by how scared I was of Scotland leaving us and I would have taken it as a personal rejection. Well, Welcome Home Scotland!! May we forever be Better Together as one big, happy, United, Great British family.

And of course in honour of this momentous day I shall be grabbing my Matalan tweed kilts and parading around the town showing my support and my legs! Now for an even bigger question. . . . do I choose the pink kilt or the green?

Pink kilt style mini skirt and green and blue tartan mini skirt

green and blue kilt style mini skirt and pink kilt style mini skirt

Och aye for now

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