Saturday, September 6

Precious Argan Gold!!

UPDATED!! scroll down for my mini-review.

Finally got my hands on some of this Argan oil after months of looking, picking it up and then putting it down again. "Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco"

Moroccan renewing argan oil for hair

This week the special offers Fairy came down, shook her magic wand and offered it to me at half price. So I partook!

I've only used it once but so far I like the texture, argan oil doesn't make my hair look greasy in that way hair serums do; although my hair is long and I have a lot of it, it's actually only fine so this was important to me.

UPDATE: mini-review time! 2 days since washing my hair and using quite a generous amount of the the argan oil; Having taken my hair out of its overnight pin-curls I can say it's definitely
looking shiny, not greasy at all and the ends, which need a trim, are nicely disguised as smooth, shiny tips. So far I'm really pleased with it! my hair isn't weighed down and it's not affected the efficacy of my hairspray and volumising mousse which I'm so addicted to. x

Moroccan renewing argan oil for hair

I also don't like spending huge amounts on shampoo and conditioner so I figure if I have a good leave-in argan oil I can skimp and buy normal priced drugstore S&C (this was also a tip from a recent video by secretlifeofabionerd!).

It looks so gorgeous and golden just sitting there, like a precious elixir imported from some far off exotic country; carried across burning deserts in a carved wooden box locked with a large metal key. I found it difficult to throw away the box with its beautiful shiny gold and turquoise, but the bottle itself still looks pretty and golden on my dresser.

Moroccan renewing argan oil for hair and white teddy bear

Anyway, off I go with my shiny hair for a day out with boyfriend and dog.
Hoping it doesn't rain today, fingers crossed!
Ciao for now

Have you used argan oil before? If you've used coconut oil too I'd be interested to know how they compare! x

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