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Makeover your feet; the thickest, hardest skin - begone!


There are sooo many products out there for removing dead skin and softening hard skin. And most of them don't really work - not for me anyway. I thought I'd found success for a while with one of those little grater things, but it was short-lived *sigh*.

For anyone who's ever sat down with a pair of manicure scissors and literally cut the dead skin away you need to read this post! The 3 tools working together WILL makeover your feet, completely.

Callous remover, foot file, foot spray, hard skin remover Superdrug, DIY pedicure

So, your 3 tools are; a foot file, a hard skin remover and the hero tool; the callus remover. This one comes from Boots and is £4.49. The most common callus remover is a different shape, I haven't tried one of those, but I can tell you that this one works like a charm.

Superdrug callous remover, DIY beauty, pedicure

Step 1. Peel the hard skin with your callus remover - this works great on dry and wet skin; [I used to prefer to use it on dry skin but since first writing this post, I prefer wet, squishy skin, just out of the bath -- I'm leaving this to your personal preference]. It basically works like a vegetable peeler, you lay it flat against your foot and literally 'peel' the dead skin away with the blade inside. It may look scary but it's not, it's fine. You just scrape the skin off in thin light layers exactly as a pumice stone would except this works much quicker.

Hard skin on heels, callous remover, superdrug, pedicure

It's tempting to go overboard with this and take off too much skin - don't! Remember, your skin hardens to protect areas where there's a lot of pressure, I know from experience it takes a while for the skin to thicken up again and you'll get some pain. For me it was worse when laying down and the weight of my feet rested on the outside of my heels - ooh the burning!! You'll notice the skin comes off in little chunks (on dry skin) rather than long smooth pieces, don't worry, this is fine.

Dead hard skin from heel of foot, DIY pedicure
After you've used it on your heels remove any calluses in the same way; for me that's the knobbly bit below my little toe and on the bottom of my big toe. The picture above is how much hard skin I removed from ONE foot! Can your pedi-egg do that?

Okay, on to Step 2! Take a bath, or a shower or soak your feet and grab your hard skin remover.
Hard skin remover from Superdrug, DIY pedicure
£2.99 from Superdrug, nearly always on special offer

It has a strange texture; much lighter than a pumice stone but much rougher too! When your feet have softened from the bath and your skin is still soft and squashy use this exactly like you would a pumice stone; grind it against your foot going back and forth to remove any big flakes of skin and rough areas. After you use the callus remover for the first time, you may find that this will be the only tool you'll need to remove hard skin in the future.

Step 3, our last step. Now that all the big chunks and little flakes of hard skin are gone, you'll find that the surface of the skin feels a little rough and could do with buffing. Grab your foot file!

Foot file, pedicure

Wait until your feet are DRY, and I mean really dry, not just towel dry! Use your foot file to buff away the last roughness on your feet. This won't really remove any skin, it'll just file away the tiny flakes to leave your heels very smooth and even shiny looking. 

Finally, grab your heel balm or intensive moisturiser, rub it all in and you're good to go! Smooth, shiny, crack-free feet with no hard skin to be found. 

If you're out and about don't forget to pack some foot spray - a godsend if you're sight-seeing or shopping all day. It'll not only kill the odour but it's incredibly cooling and comforting for overheated feet.

Superdrug foot spray, cooling deoderant. Lemon and tea tree oil
£2.99 also from Superdrug Now discontinued - does anyone know of a good replacement?

I'm loving my callus remover, I find that I only need to do this method every 3-4 weeks; once the hardest skin is gone the hard skin remover does a good job at keeping the heels smooth and soft in between.

Don't forget to paint your toes a pretty colour too!

And finally, again, go easy with the callus remover, don't remove too much!!

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  1. I loved reading this! I try to just do my own thing on my blog, but it's nice to have people who inspire you when you're just starting out!

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