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Guy friendly Make-up - how to wear make up without it getting in the way!!

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You're walking hand in hand with your guy along the water's edge, the stars are twinkling, the moon is glowing brightly, the gentle waves are a romantic music to your night together. You stop to admire the view and rest your cheek upon his shoulder, slowly, he turns you to face him and strokes your face tenderly, he leans in for a perfect kiss which gives you butterflies. Then. . . there's lipstick all over his face, and yours! He looks at his hand and ugh! It's covered in some weird pink shimmery stuff! And oh no, his dark jacket has a big orange, powdery smudge from where you rested your face on his shoulder. . . . 

Boyfriend friendly make-up usually means minimal, neutral, barely-there. . . this post is more of a 'how to wear all the make up you usually do without it ruining your romantic cuddles and kissing times' kind of post (snappy title huh?).

Man friendly skin - base
Don't - liquid foundation, Do - mineral makeup.
I love cuddling my guy; my head on his shoulder, my cheek against his chest but I don't want to leave 'my face' there!

Mineral make-up is not only great for your skin, it's much lighter so won't sit on top of your face like liquid foundation. Use a small dense brush and really blend well to make sure you've buffed all the excess powder into your skin. Mineral makeup isn't powdery once it's set to your skin and this should ensure your make-up stays on your face and off your boyfriend's clothes!

Man friendly Colour - Blush
Guys are fascinated by how soft our skin is and like to show affection by stroking your cheek now and then. My advice here may sound strange but I tell you it works!!

Find the most long-lasting blusher you can in a much bolder, brighter colour than you usually go for. Sweep the very tips of your brush into the blusher, tickle it onto your cheek very lightly or stamp it on the apples, and then with a clean brush (or just wipe off the one you're using) blend blend blend. Build it up s-l-o-w-l-y and keep blending until you've got your normal demure shade!! ---- All the colour, barely any product!

Sleek blush, pink blushers
Swap gentle and subtle for bold and bright! (Sleek blusher from Superdrug)

 Man friendly eyes
Go easy on the false lashes, (guys are afraid of them) use liquid or gel liner, not kohl and don't apply too much mascara or it'll flake off onto his white shirt!

Man friendly lips
As much as we like lip gloss, to him it looks like a load of sticky horrible goo sitting on your lips - he doesn't want his mouth anywhere near that! Thankfully there are so many things you can do;

  • Lip liner -  line your lips, add a couple of lines straight across and use your finger to blend it together, (blot); lots of colour but none comes off onto him
  • Creamy lipstick - Apply your lipstick in a bold, bright shade (over the lip liner trick if you like) and blot blot blot (best with thicker textures or matte shades)
  • Lip stain - remember the old felt tip style? If you can find one, use it! 
  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Chocolate Cherry tinted lip gloss (blot) - a rich colour on the lips but thin consistency which won't leave colour over your faces
  • Biting -  Ever watched Kate Winslet chew her lips together in Sense and Sensibility when Willoughby calls? This is what ladies used to do before lipstick was acceptable! Chew your lips a bit, smush them together and they'll be nice and red without the aid of lip product. Then apply lip balm to keep the skin nice and soft. (don't do this too often or too hard!)
When blotting, blot well. When you press your finger against your lips there should be little or no colour transfer; smile when you do it so get into all the little crevices.

Man-friendly perfume
Worth a mention. Perfume tastes horrible, don't spray it on your neck (or anywhere else you're expecting his lips to go).Pop it inside the elbows, hair, back of the knees and a little on the wrists to keep you sweet.

Fake tan - the patches, the stink, the weird colour when you try to go to too dark! I get it, but he doesn't; to him your pale skin is beautiful because it's a part of you. But hey, it's nice to be golden sometimes. . .
  • The smell - not much we can do about that, try to apply at least 2 days beforehand.
  • The weird patches - dark colours on a pale skin look ridiculous once your wrists, armpits and feet start getting patchy. Apply it in subtle colours, try a gradual tan and be realistic in how dark you want to go; if you're the colour of Nicole Kidman you'll never find success with the JLo bronze, aim instead for a Jennifer Lawrence/Katy Perry healthy glow.
  • Avoid all these problems with - a wash off, instant tanner mixed with some body lotion. Keep some in a little pot in your handbag in case a spilled drink means touch up time. (Sprinkleofglitter tip!)

Contouring - was invented for photoshoots and stage-lighting, go easy.

That's it! I know that the whole 'minimal boyfriend make-up' is what we're told to do most of the time, and that's great for a day at a theme park but I live with my guy now, I can't do the whole 'minimal makeup' all the time!! It's nice to go out feeling glamourous and made-up but I still want all the kisses and cuddles and face stroking that my boyfriend enjoys giving out so much.

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Photo gratefully borrowed from quaddles

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