Friday, September 26

Facial Buffing Sponge - Superdrug Pebbles

I recently picked up the Superdrug Pebbles facial buffing sponge to add into my regimen. I've never enjoyed using facial scrubs - the beads get in my hair and down my neck and make a mess of the sink. But we know that to keep acne at bay we need to keep our pores clear of those nasty dead skin cells. So thought I'd give it a go. . . and I love it!

Facial sponge for cleansing, exfoliating, acne. Replace a face scrub

It's a puffy little sponge with a little ribbon for slipping your fingers into. Basically you apply your cleanser, massage it in as usual and then before rinsing it off grab this little guy. I've been using it for a month now and it shows no sign of wear.

I use this in the mornings; I'm still enjoying the Natural Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser which has the perfect texture for this. After massaging the cleanser into dry skin I grab this little sponge and, in little circles, gently buff buff buff around my chin, mouth, nose, forehead and that little area between the eyebrows where I seem to always have problems. My cheeks get a gentle little swipe every other day.

The cleanser is thick and creamy so acts as a great lubricant between the sponge and my skin, ensuring it stays gentle. I've tried it with water alone and definitely no! It needs a little something.

close up pictures of the fibres, scrub, exfoliating, cleansing to help with acne

Having a look at the photos you can see it's soft and puffy but at the same time the little fibres on top are rough and hard to buff away dead skin cells. It leaves my skin with that gorgeous silky soft feeling that you can only get from physical exfoliation (facial scrubs). It's scrubby enough to do the job but gentle enough that my skin isn't left bright red. I'm even able to put on my make-up as usual.

I'm loving using it everyday but you could also use it with a facial scrub to get a really thorough exfoliation (don't do that one too often!), especially before sticking on a deep cleansing mask. And for my acne prone sisters this will fit beautifully into our clear skin rules and routine.

If you find that you forget to scrub as often as you should (and hate spending money on what is basically sand and cleanser) this is a great, easy replacement. You just pick it up, when you're cleansing, do a bit of polishing and put it down again - done! It's only £1.99 and as a Superdrug own brand product it's nearly always on special offer with other products from the Superdrug ranges. It is of course BUAV approved which is great as we love the animals.

Have you used this little sponge? Do you know of any dupes for those who don't live in the UK? Let me know in the comments!!

1 month in and I know this facial buffing sponge has a permanent home in my cleansing regime!
Ciao for now

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