Tuesday, August 26

Toner - What Why and How?

In a nutshell;

What? A watery lotion of beneficial ingredients
Why? To tone your pores, balance oil production, soothe redness and irritation and hydrate the skin
How? Either sprayed directly to the face or poured onto cotton wool and wiped over the skin

What is toner?
Poor toner, the misunderstood 'middle child' of the skincare regimen. . . but don't underestimate the value of this important step!! If done correctly with the right ingredients for you, toner does more than simply remove any last traces of cleanser/makeup/dirt; it's another chance in your regimen to get those beneficial ingredients in in the most soothing and gentle way possible. For my acne-prone skin toner is possibly the most important step in my routine in clearing up my skin and keeping new spots away. And if you have sensitive skin, toner should be your best friend.

Why do I need to use toner?
Back in the day toners were harsh and astringent to 'tone' your pores, i.e. shrink them! If you have enlarged pores you can still use toner to shrink them but avoid those high-alcohol astringent
baddies! If your skin is combination, use toner to balance oil production. If your skin is dehydrated use a rosewater toner to hydrate your skin and give it comfort and care. Red and irritated skin can benefit from any number of soothing, cooling toners out there - think ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, rosewater; these are expected toner ingredients.

And if you're acne-prone I have a kick-ass DIY toner that just might change your life like it changed mine!

Apple cider vinegar and green tea DIY toner. Clear skin, pore cleansing
Apple cider vinegar and green tea DIY toner.
How do I use toner?
Traditionally you simply pour it onto a cotton pad and swipe over your face. You'll very quickly workout if your cleanser is doing its job if this cotton pad comes back dirty! The modern way to use toner is in a pump bottle and to spray it over your face in a fine mist - this is great for hydration and wonderful if your skin is irritated as nothing is rubbing your skin. As long as your fingers are clean, you can pat it in to wake up your skin if you'd like.

Now we're all convinced that toner is actually great, continue to PART 2 for types of toner by skin type and the most common ingredient to avoid!!

Ciao until then! Bobbyanne xxxx

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