Friday, August 22

Promising Yellow: Sudbury hall, a wonderful place to think


Once, when commuting to Derby, I discovered this beautiful country mansion set in green manicured lawns leading to a glittering river. It is completely hidden from the busy dual carriageway and it was only when I decided to follow the brown tourist sign that I had my breath taken away.

I was on my way home from university at the time and stopped to have a walk in the slightly chilly early summer sunshine. I have since been back a couple of times to tour the hall, take tea and cake in the tea room and have a nosey around the museum of childhood. It is a lovely place! Huge trees fill the grounds and there are the requisite spherical bushes and paths lined with lollipop-shaped trees. It was used as the interior of Pemberley in the definitive Andrew Davies'  adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (BBC, Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle). Lyme Hall was used as the exterior, another beautiful stately mansion.
Perfectly manicured bushes and trees -
is your own bush this neat? :-)
When I discovered Sudbury
I was at a bit of a crossroads and had lots of things rattling around in my brain which could have done with some attention. (One such thought was why do I keep thinking about my good friend Max, do I have feelings for him???)

I passed such a relaxing and beautiful half an hour that this has become a bit of a habit! If you ever watched Home and Away years ago you'll know that the characters would go for a meaningful walk along the beach when they had things to think about. Sudbury hall is my Summer Bay.

Long, beautiful, impossibly green lawns lead from the
house to the gardens and river at the back of the house
So, a couple of days ago, when life was getting too puzzling and I was in my car anyway I drove the hour or so that it takes me to get there to the still breathtaking setting of Sudbury Hall. I walked, paused, took photographs, listened to birds, watched the river and allowed myself to let go of all the worries on my mind. I don't know what it is that makes us want a familiar place, which isn't home, to go to for comfort at these times. Sometimes I just don't want to be at home, but I do want to be somewhere where I feel at home - confusing!

I love a good signpost picture!

I would recommend it to anybody! Unusually with National Trust properties it is free to park!! I know, WOW right?! There is a lovely little gift shop, always people milling about and a tea room to while away and hour and take in the goings on around you.

It was only 4 months later that Max and I officially fell in love and yes, we have since returned and toured the place as a couple :-)

Do you have a special place where you go to sort out your thoughts? Just why are these kinds of places so important to us?

Ciao for now
x x x x


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