Tuesday, August 26

Promising Yellow: Goodbye to summer?


So here I am in the middle of summer, apparently! It's mid-August and so far in the UK this month has been a huge disappointment. After all the sunshine and heat we were promised in June and July it's all of a sudden RUBBISH!!

And yes I know, what a stereotype, I'm British and I'm talking about the weather, but really, it's so frustrating!

I can feel summer slipping away and autumn lurking on the horizon with winter big and dark behind it. Don't get me wrong I love winter and autumn but we have such a short window of opportunity to enjoy some summery weather in Britain that it feels like time is running out!

Initially, when I returned from my outrageously hot Spanish holiday to a couple of autumnal days in the week that followed I was quite enjoying it! It was a bit of a novelty to wear a woolly jumper and drink hot cocoa under a blanket while it rained outside. It was so cosy and I got into pinterest typing in search items like "tea rain" or "hot cocoa" and "cocoa cafe".

I love photos like this. This was my coffee in a little 14th century
gatehouse/house converted into a coffeshop! Great!

But that novelty has well and truly WORN OFF!!

It's been
three weeks now and it basically feels like autumn. It's cold, rainy, stormy, drizzly and windy. Each time I try to walk the dog we get rained on and have to hurry back. I cannot get my washing dry and day trips are being rained off.

Even worse is that my phone tells me August is set to stay like this, at a steady 16 degrees with possible showers every day :-(    . . . . .Can I say again that it's the middle of AUGUST!!

Our little summer window of time is closing and before long the heating will be on and the dark afternoons will be here. Please please weather gods! Can't you give us just another few weeks of summer????

How are you feeling about this drizzly autumn moving in? Is it like this where you live? Are you also missing summer already?

Ciao for now

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