Tuesday, August 26

Promising Yellow: The best breakfast EVER! - Cinnamon French toast! How to.

Here is my favourite breakfast! It's nourishing, comforting and filling and feels really indulgent! 
This is great if you're going out for the day and don't know when you'll be eating lunch and, bonus, it has lots of cinnamon which is an appetite suppressant and should help to stave off any craving for naughty snacks between meals.
Hope you give it a go, enjoy!

You will need: 
Bread of your choice (a great opportunity to save any stale bread from the bin), 
1 egg, 
Margarine/butter of your choice, 
Ground cinnamon, 
Pinneapple chunks (I use tinned so they're nice and soft and juicy) or any other fruit of your choice, chopped apples work well as do strawberries.

1. Lovely bread is great for French toast but because we'll be soaking it in eggs you can breathe new life into stale hard baguettes too! My bread was nice and fresh; it's the gorgeous 'multi-grain loaf' from Lidl. (tiger bread is also yummy with this!)
2. Now grab a nice wide bowl that'll give you room to lay the bread flat, crack an egg into it, add a big spoonful of melted margarine/butter and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. Whisk it all together so it's looking a lovely golden yellow colour.

3. Next simply lay your 2 pieces of bread flat and give them a few seconds to soak up the mixture. Then flip them over and wait again. Repeat once more on each side so that  the bread is well-soaked with the mixture.

4. After that, get your pan nice and warm (medium - hot depending on your hob), place the bread in the pan and pour over any left over mixture.                                      
Wait about 1-2 mins before flipping over - watch out! Egg burns very quickly so keep checking and turn the temperature down if you need to!

5. When both sides are lovely and golden and your kitchen smells divine, turn off the heat and remove your toast. Then grab a generous helping of pineapple pieces/chunks and toss them into the still-warm pan. Be careful!! If you used oil wipe it away first or it will spit; adding liquid to hot oil is dangerous. While they warm up give your toast another buttering and sprinkle over some sugar and as much or little cinnamon as you like! (I like loads!)

6. Let the pineapple tumble onto the toast and over your plate, it should be just warmed through but not cooked; enough to let those juices pop when you take your first glorious taste!

Finally, grab your morning cuppa tea and enjoy! Absolutely delicious!

Is it French toast? Is it Cinnamon toast? I would say it's the best of both! :-)

I'm off to enjoy some French cinnamon toast,
Ciao for now

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