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Perfume of a lady!

Hi all!

Do you ever see perfume ads and think 'what a ridiculous ad, what's that got to do with perfume?!' I used to, but now I get it; they're creating a mood and a life for their fragrance to make us want to be those people, and they are really good at it! I love perfume ads!

Cool water perfume ad, evangeline lily and josh holloway

A lot is made of having a signature scent', but mine is usually Dove deodorant. . . not very glamourous. Then there are body lotions instead. I have to say I have a gorgeous rose-scented body
lotion which makes me smell and feel gorgeous all day long!! And who hasn't pranced around wearing Palmer's Cocoa Butter feeling like a freshly baked cookie! Now there's a smell I wish they'd bottle!

I do feel different with just a simple spritz or swipe of scent. When I think of perfume I think of a big gold and marble department store from the 1950s and glamourous, beautiful film stars wandering around with their pin-curled hair, cute little hats and tip-tappy heels. And of course there's the famous Chanel ad with Marilyn Monroe which nobody could forget once you've seen it!

Marilyn monroe chanel no 5 perfume advery gold
Just Divine!
Marilyn was once asked "what do you wear to bed" she replied "Chanel number 5". Glamourous, beautiful, confident, sexy! these are the words we associate with perfume. (saying that, have you ever smelled any of the Chanel perfumes?? yack! But they do look very pretty)

And one last word about the boys, let's not fail to acknowledge that perfume makes us feel sexy. There's something intimate about a guy remembering how wonderful I smell, thinking about me with all his senses. If my boyfriend leans in for a kiss I love it if there's a faint scent of something yummy to tempt him in with. (of course if you do have a guy you want to get close to for goodness sake don't spray it all over your neck!! Perfume does NOT taste good to the poor guy!)

When I was a teenager my signature scent was Exclamation or Charlie Red; I wore them religiously! They say that smell is the powerful memory trigger and if I get a whiff of either I'm instantly transported back in time - it really is powerful!

teen perfume 1990s, Charlie Red and exclamation

Nowadays I like to mix up my scent from sweet and fruity, warm and spicy, floral and light and everything in between. Choose what you feel like on that day! We don't wear the same clothes everyday, why should we choose the same scent?

I very rarely buy a new perfume, I have to love it to spend all day with it. I was once testing out the 'new range' of perfumes in Lush and for the whole of that day and evening I kept catching the scent of a particular one (it was Tuca Tuca) and I just had to go and get it the next day, it had such an impact on my mood! That's when you know you've found a signature scent!

Personally I don't suppose I have a signature scent but a mist of something delicious every now and then never fails to lift my mood and my confidence for the evening.

My favourite perfumes are here. (they will be)

Ciao for now
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What were your favourite scents when you were younger? Do you have a signature scent?

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