Tuesday, August 19

Cleansing - What Why and How? PART 2

Now we know the What Why and Hows of cleansing it's time to choose the right method for you;

Foaming facewash     
These tend to be aimed at acne/oily skins and particularly teenagers. Be careful; they are most likely to be astringent and dry out your skin. Check the ingredients list and do not buy if it contains any of the ingredients listed at the end of this post. Always remember gentle gentle gentle.

Exfoliating facewash  
As above with exfoliating beads to scrub the dead skin off - should not be used every day.

Superdrug foaming cleanser, gentle, sensitive skin simply pure.
A great combination of non-irritating ingredients in this very low-priced and
BUAV approved cleanser, just £2.59 from Superdrug! Get it here

Creamy facewash or 'hot cloth cleanser'
My favourite morning type of cleanser; a very creamy texture allowing you to spend time massaging
your skin and less messy than a foaming facewash. Thanks to the huge popularity of the queen of all hot cloth cleansers, 'Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish', there are loads of lower priced copy cats out there to try.

Hot cloth cleanser dupe for liz earle cleanse and polish. Cruelty free superdrug cleanser, naturally radiant
I love it I love it I love it. . .  Another BUAV approved, low priced Superdrug product, I've usually got a few "tubes in waiting" in my 'spare' skincare drawer. Currently £5.99 but regularly on offer, have a look here

Cleansing milks 
Like a thin lotion, best used rubbed over your skin with fingers then wiped off with a cleansing sponge or muslin cloth and rinsed with warm water. Sometimes the directions will say 'apply to cotton wool and wipe over your face' --- call me crazy but that just doesn't seem like it'll get my face clean!

Olay age defying cleansing milk

My least favourite. A consistency more like water than lotion (Remember Biactol and Clearasil from the 90s?). Pour onto cotton wool, wipe over your face. Most likely to cause irritation, least likely to get your face clean.

Oil cleansing method (click!)
My favourite! Basically, open your pores, massage oils onto skin, let it get into your pores to melt away dirt, wipe away with muslin cloth, rinse. More detailed post here!

Sweet almond oil from naissance, the oil cleansing method, acne and blocked pores.

Ingredients to be aware of

Sodium lauryl sulphate; IRRITATION! Drying, irritating, usually in any 'soap-like' cleansers. Also included in lots of shampoos to get your hair clean. Avoid contact with your face, avoid avoid. (This is NOT the same a sodium laureth sulphate which is generally considered perfectly ok to use)

Alcohols to avoid; not all alcohols are bad for your skin but steer clear of isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol which will dry out and/or damage your skin with repeated use.

Parabens; methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, heptylparaben any word ending in paraben! A low cost preservative; too big to address here but for those of us prone to acne, keep away.

These are short guides to the type of cleansers out there. More detailed posts including recommendations and ingredients to look out for will be coming up soon and linked to this post (if my tech skills are equal to my expectations!). What matters most is finding a method/product that works to get you clean and makes your skin happy!!

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