Saturday, August 23

2. My Mirror made me 'fat'?!?!!??!? PT2

. . . continuing from Part 1

I hadn't actually been losing weight but gaining perspective! Remember that mirror I left behind; the 'outfit mirror', the 'body mirror' which only let me see a third of my body at once? That third was from my chest to my hips. Basically, my stomach.

All my life whenever I looked into this mirror I was first of all looking at my mid-riff area and then squatting a bit to see my upper body too. Over 20 or so years I have built up a fixation on this area and that mirror is the reason why!!

Each time I got dressed I checked in this mirror and checked my tummy first, when I woke up in the mornings and looked in the mirror I was checking my tummy first.

I saw my tummy as seperate piece of my body to fixate on. Its size didn't relate to any other piece of me, it existed by itself.

All my life I've dressed with a "don't look fat" mentality, even when I was a skinny minnie size 8 (UK) 16 year old. It was this mirror!!

Promising beauty, promising yellow, Bobbyanne, shadow, silhouette

In my new house I haven't suddenly lost lots of weight, I've gained lots of perspective! I can see my whole body. Now I see my waist as part of my whole figure to be in proportion  with everything else.

My tummy still wobbles (it always will - thanks sugar addiction!), and I'd like it to be smaller. But now I can acknowledge that I'm not fat; I'm a nice normal slim size and I like my body.

Slowly - very slowly - I'm letting go of my tummy issues, I have decided not to fixate on it anymore. I still do, but I've decided not to, does that make sense? Mind over matter, I'll be like Elsa, I'll let it go!

Of course I'll carry on with my sporadic working out, I can't give up the battle just yet! :-D

Ciao for now
x x x x

Have you experienced this mirror abuse? How did you let go of your body hate issues? What advice can you pass on?

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