Thursday, August 21

1. My Mirror made me 'fat'?!?!!?!!?


This year I moved in with boyfriend, yay! And with this move left behind the mirror I have used all my life. The outfit mirror, the body mirror the 'is this outfit okay' mirror, the 'have I put weight on' mirror.

In the new house there are loads of mirrors!!! LOADS!! not just that, they are big mirrors, long mirrors, mirrors in which I can see my whole body at once. This is quite a novelty for me. My old mirror only let me see a third of my body at once.

Soon after moving I noticed that my figure was suddenly looking much better, in fact pretty darn good! I would stand in front of the large wardrobe-mirror thinking 'ooh, my tummy is looking nice
and flat' or 'ooh, this top and leggings make me look really slim!' it was GREAT!! I loved my new svelte, slim body and have kept on loving it now for near 5 months.

Sexy pin up girl in lingerie, femma fatale retro and vintage postcard
I was feeling femme fatale!

But I don't actually have any scales in my new house.

So when I was back at home last weekend I decided to totter on and weigh myself. I thought it'd be great! I was so excited to see that 'stones' number change down one (I've always been on the cusp between x stones and y stones).

I stripped to my underwear (we all do that don't we?) and stepped onto the scales ready to see my new lower weight. . . . . . . . My heart plummeted to the bottom of my metaphorical boots. It was not a good number, I was  5 pounds heavier than I thought! 5 pounds!!!

I couldn't understand it! My tummy was still flatter, my waist was still leaner, my clothes still looked good on me so what was it. . . .?

One week on and I've figured it out  ----- THE MIRROR!!!

Back to feeling femme fatale! click for PART 2 of this horror story/inspiring blog post!! :-D

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