Monday, July 14

What kind of Beauty Blog is 'Promising Beauty'? Start here!

Hi all!

Reading a beauty blog can be like turning up to a dance class when everybody else already knows most of the steps, you want to say "enough! Just go back to the beginning!" Glycolic, salicylic or retinol? Lotion, cream or gel? Comedogenic, non-comedogenic? What exactly is the deal with parabens???? And then there are all the reviews, swatches and hauls to sift through.

*Sigh* Beauty is a huge topic but all you really want to know is 'how do I make sure I don't get any more spots/dry patches/fine lines?'

ME TOO! I'm hoping this blog is for you; it'll take you from the beginning (just why is exfoliation so important?) through to fine tuning your skincare regime (vitamin C serum in the evening, BHA gel in the morning).  I definitely don't know-it-all and I'm learning every day about the changing nature of beauty topics/product and ingredients out there.

There will be info on all those chemicals that can have such conflicting write-ups as well as a DIY beauty area so you can mix up some wonderful treats and treatments to help you along on your journey. I'm a firm believer in the powers of science in our skincare as well as a devotee of the home-made apple cider vinegar and green tea toner.

So join me if you will in my own little corner for lots of things beauty.
This is our comfy lounge where we can grab some tea in yellow mugs for a chat and a piece of nutty cake,
Or if you prefer it's our sleek sunny terrace by our glistening pool where we can wear yellow swimwear and relax on sun loungers with cucumbers over our eyes while we swap our best beauty tips.

Either way, read some articles, sift through some tips and indulge your beauty craving for a while.
Promising Beauty.
Ciao for now
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