Thursday, July 17

Promising Yellow: Summertime hanging with the birds


It is a GORGEOUS day here in normally rainy-old-Blighty. I got up and just had to take my breakfast outside. I topped up all my usual birdseed places and even put a couple of fatballs out as I'm feeling absurdly generous to the little blighters!

I stuck on my hat of course to protect my face as I wanted to sit right in the sunshine today. I put my feet up and enjoyed the delights that nature and post-school run mornings have to offer. (The path behind our house provides a right of way to many school-bound kiddies, noisy? Yes!)

A beautiful place to sit and relax at the back of our garden
Our home backs onto a huge nature-reservey-type public fields and hills n stuff kind of place (vague much?). Basically a huge home to all sorts of fluffy and feathery creatures and it's the feathery kind that make sitting outside eating home-made granola and cornflakes so peaceful and cheery.

As I was sitting here, but a moment ago, a little sparrow

landed on the ground next to me, looked around, looked up at me, scratched a little itch on his face and then whoosh! He was up on the top of the trellis and then whoosh again he was in the hedge and then whoosh again in next door's apple tree. Then a pigeon alighted on top of the bird table and assessed whether I'd be amenable to him gobbling up all my birdseed. . . I was not.

This happens numerous times a day, he lands on the bird table,
I chase him off. He sits on the roof for a spell and we begin again.
Then as I was sitting here listening to the huge trees behind our fence wave and sway their hundreds of leaves through the air, as I mopped up the sunshine and enjoyed the slow passing of some fluffy, impossibly white clouds, I heard a little noise to my left. I turned my head. And there was a little squirrel investigating the seeds I had sprinkled next to the patio doors!

The Count returns!

We have two squirrels which visit us; a big fat one with a massive fluffy tail which we call The Count, and this smaller skinnier one who moves a lot more stealthily and with less cheek than the Count. So I've called him Timmy, as he is so timid.

I feel like I'm in some secret little world, I'm part of the day-to-day life of all these little sparrows, pigeons, squirrels, blackbirds, tits and starlings. Like I'm just hanging out in their world. This is nature, alive and energetic and dashing to and fro, teeming with life.

Anyway, that's my morning so far. A glorious, sunshiny, quiet, leafy, bird-filled day in my little garden, my own little corner of nature.
Just hanging out with the birds,
Ciao for now
x x x x

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